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12-19-2010, 03:45 PM
Here is my rule of thumb....or should I say claw

5 stars - Very nice adventure, well polished or Outstanding adventure, needs a bit of buff
4 stars - Average adventure, well polished or Very nice needs polish
3 stars - So - so well made, Average - needs work
2 stars - adventure functions, dats about it
1 stars - is a mess and doesn't work

1-5 doesn't leave much room for grey shades

Some hints from what I have seen testing on the other test server.

Go to next map <<< I don't wanna see that
the best space maps look good, looking at it AND on the main map
ie....asteriod fields go all the way around...good flow to things...most folks hate back tracking.
If a map is broke...TRY not to use it til it's fixed
If it takes 3 trys to get my away team to follow me, then it is too tight
If you need to 'warp' the player somewhere...use a transwarp gate...that is what that particular
...placeable is for.
Things to consider...if you have a place markers next on the story flow, scanning is turned off
until you get to it.
Make sure in conversations your Bo's have priorities
blahblahblahblahblah and the klingons are attacking us <--- nope
The klingons are attacking ! <--- yup
blahblahblahblah is for between fights.