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# 1 Why was I quieted in game
12-19-2010, 03:05 PM
I was recruiting in game for my fleet and have done this since the launch of the game, but today I was silenced and have to wait 25 hours to talk again, why is that? What gives people the right to silence you for recruiting for your fleet? This is childish and I am very upset. I have been a member since the launch and I do not understand why someone can do this. I was not spamming nor was I posting the message in the same instance. So why am I silenced for 24 hours? Why will Cryptic not answer my question to this?

it seems to me that people in this game have power they should not. I have heard similar stories of people abusing their power in this game and did not really believe it until today!! I have been here for the long haul and it is not a crime to recruit for your fleet!

I am VERY disappointed that Cryptic would allow something like this to happen!