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12-19-2010, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by piwright42 View Post
Yup you got me I scanned over your post. Still if you can get five people to adopt the game in real life you have the skills to get folk to help you in game. This thread seems to attest to that. My post was not an attack, instead it was a suggestion. I have seen you in game chat a couple times. Though I am in another time zone I would be happy to help. Next time I see you in chat I will shoot you a friend invite. I hang in TSS chat and on the KDFassistance channel, you know if you happen to swing Kling. To be honest Thlaylie it seems that most everyone on this thread wants to see you succeed.

Swing Kling... So should make a T-Shirt about that.
I have had good times during the STFs I've tried to PUG with others.

As it is now Infected is not finishable with the PUG groups I've been with.

We all have a good time until the monotony of repeated mobs eventually wears us all down and people start to drop out.

What Cryptic calls "Challenging" I call "Unimaginative."

It's easy to make things challenging by making the mobs do things they don't normally do in game. It is very obviously tacky to have the Borg literally running after people instead of their normal shuffle. Is it not bad enough that they constantly beam in 2 protodrones per Borg, heal constantly AND use holds on people?

I realize my lack of communication or at least forum communication skills has turned some against me, but like I stated before, everyone I encounter in game has found me to be a nice guy. I try my hardest when PUGing and understand when people need to bail.

The Space parts of STFs totally rock and there are no non game canon alterations there.

Maybe we should get to choose how we finish an STF by space or by ground? I think you will find most people prefer space.

Cool, I have never refused a friend invite and look forward to receiving it. Maybe you will help me beat this newer Infected some day. I played it back when it 1rst came out and looking at the vid and experiencing the running mobs it has changed a lot, but I will keep trying!