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Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
If we include the TAS as canon the TOS Enterprise was launched in 2245 and stayed in service until 2293 (The Undiscovered Country), thought it had several Retrofits and at least 1 Refit to the TMP Constitution in that time.
The TOS Enterprise was destroyed in The Search For Spock. The ship in TFF and TUC was the Enterprise-A.

Originally Posted by forresto View Post
It's practically a 40 year old ship. With the rate of advancing technology, she's pretty old. Also it would seem rather unimpressive compared to the hundreds of Sovereign class ships people are flying in. Also story wise, the Enterprise E has mysteriously gone missing after inspecting a distress call from a federation station. It's been missing a few years so they probably gave up hope. Unlike Voyager, it was in federation space so it should've been found.

I for one blame Iconians.

I think between those two reasons, starfleet probably would've built a new flagship and a new enterprise.
I agree with all of your statements (including blaming the Iconians :p), except for that having the Excelsior as a T5 ship throws that theory out of the window.