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12-19-2010, 06:37 PM
Originally Posted by Awarkle View Post
well i can sum it up in these terms ive not done an STF since attempting terradrome the previous ones i had done, Infected and Cure were both incredibly not fun that i chose not to do any others.

After the zerg of trash mobs on terradrome i vowed i wouldnt even attempt any more STFS unless cryptic decided to re-examine them.

and now mr Gozer has stated that he will not look at the stfs from my way of thinking sticking his fingers in his ears and going "LALALALALAL" very loudly till you go away.

and although i have my lifetime subscription i have done just that i pop back for the episodes which are fun but at the end of the day the Fleet missions are not fun they are just not fun.

i cant keep saying that enough THEY ARE NOT FUN.

Now like all other mmos on the market the unique content will go tothose people who are prepared to invest 10+ hours raiding a dungeon to get it. Thats still not fun in my book that becomes a job and jobs are notoriously not fun.

I wish they would fix the fleets but they wont they ahve decided that fighting through starship trooper quantities of aliens is justifiable as content.

well good for them but consider that if i had paid my subscription monthly i wouldnt be paying now.

If you haven't finished the Cure, then you wouldn't know that Terradome has no impacting on getting KA. It is odd that it is a stand alone STF which does not effect anything. It is also bugged and hence the reason no one tries to run the missions currently. Dstahl mentioned a month or so ago, the STF's will not change. However, at some point they will return to them and tweak on them some. Right now, they are adding new game content into the game, which I for one enjoy more. The STF's (except terradome) are completeable and I think the Dev's should continue adding more content rather then go to fix them.