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12-19-2010, 07:19 PM
Quote from memory alpha "Enterprise-J "as a multi-generational vessel, that had large parks, entertainment zones, and entire universities on board. The ship is so large that turbolifts would be replaced with site to site transporters. [It] had one deflector, recognizably descended from the NX. I opted for spindly nacelle struts because I felt it suggested a technology beyond what we were familiar with. They are beyond transwarp. They can fold space, and they are exploring other galaxies besides the Milky Way."

Assume that in the Enterprise J time, our galaxy must be at peace to allow us to design a ship of this calibar to explore other galaxies. With that being said, the Enterprise F should be a step in the current direction. A ship capable to lead a fleet into battle. It should not have any characteristics of older class ships no matter how nostalgic you feel it is. I would think along the lines a battle cruiser type soverign. Something built to fight. It is not an escort with quick spike damage, nor is it a support ship, but one that holds it's own and makes the enemy fear it getting closer.

Look at the Scimitar, it was massive compared to the Enterprise-E. How many Enterprise E's do you think it would take to fight that monster and win?