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# 1 Ye Olde Text-Based RPG...
12-20-2010, 08:39 AM
You wake up in a padded room, the lights are out and the effects of a powerful sedative are wearing off, you feel slightly off balance as you begin to stand. After your eyes adjust to the poor lighting you notice your cell door is standing wide open, you cautiously move toward the threshold and peer into the hallway beyond..

The hallway is dark in either direction, from deeper inside the facility you hear the sound of foot steps, you begin to panic..

< W > Go West
< E > Go East
< I > Inventory
< D > Derail clever text-based RPG thread..

(Okay, the rules are simple... choose an option, type out what happens and leave 3-4 options for the next poster to choose from in order to continue the story)