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12-20-2010, 12:04 PM
In the most simple implementation (and one that is absolutely good enough, IMO), no new graphics need to be added. Just use the existing damage decals that already get applied.

The client should be able to handle any additional load - if any - that involves having to paint on the decals to player ships. If your client can't handle that, I would guess that your client probably can't handle any ground missions (which are much more graphic intensive) or any battles with ships that use a lot of beam weapons.

At the most simple form, just do this (pseudo-code) :

if ((damage > 50 && damage < 75) || injuryCount > 2) // or whatever
and go up from there.

Leave all repairs and heals exactly the same (for now). I think just adding in this little bit of "persistent" damage would improve the immersion a lot would open the door for additional functionality with damage.