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12-20-2010, 01:51 PM
I'd like to see more hand options. Currently, other than the Caitian hands, we don't really have many race-specific hands. Some aliens I recall having very unusual digit arrangements (Benzites, for example), and every time I see the Yridian in DS9 with his all-too-human hands, it kinda makes me wanna strangle him.
Plus, with the Alien Gen, all we get are hands, clawed hands, and.... monster hands, I guess. It's be nice to have more.

I think it'd also be neat if certain consoles had neat little GFX to go with them. Like, the various armor consoles could create thickened armored bulkheads on your starship, the tac consoles could change the look of the emanation points, et cetra. Just a thought, though I understand it'd be quite the undertaking, lol.

I'd also like if we could customize our tricorders a bit, though honestly, I feel that the tricorder mechanic could stand a complete in-game overhaul. But at the moment, I think it'd be neat if we could attach various nodes and arrays onto our tricorder to boost their scanning ability or to mayhaps give us subtle bonuses.