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# 1 Quest Hand in bugs
12-20-2010, 01:37 PM
Just wanting to let the Dev's know that's there's a couple of bugs for a couple of the Klingon Quest.

1) Bringing Down the House will not finish as it will not let me place the Bat'leth Tournament trophy on my ship on 2 toon's ( so I won't bother doing it on a 3rd)

2) Cold Case: Preserved for Posterity in the S'hinga system, step 1 scan gas cloud......done, step 2 scan the moon.....done, step 3 destroy the 3 chunks of asteroid shot them, torpedo them even poked them with a stick and no updates, I've delete the quest line 3 times and started from scratch so its a definite bug, I've even as in zone and the only people that seem to have been able to complete it are feds.