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12-20-2010, 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by Dane_Strife
I mean that according to the wiki page, trophies/accolades are awarded upon completion of a mission however, some of the missions I have completed for example Ghost Ship and Hobus, have not given me a Trophy to display.

Their other missions I have not yet done but have have the option to display a Trophy, an example of this would be Fire Cave floor trophy.

I only ask because I like being able to display trophies to personalize my ship a little, they are in my opinion nice to look at, the Preserver Star Chart is probably my favorite. Am I being stupid or am I missing something.... or both?
then i honestly dont know, to my knowledge once you have completed those mission, ie ghost ship and hobus you should then have them available to select from the floor trophies for that character.

if you have not done the fire cave mission, then you should not have access to that trophy. i cant help you there other than it sounds kind of bugged.

when they first introduced them they were a little bugged with some not showing up for some people. i myself never got hobus straight away. perhaps you have the same problem that others had some time ago.

does your character have multiple ships? perhaps try looking on a second ship to see if they display correctly there?

other than that all you can do is file a bug report really.