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12-20-2010, 09:09 PM
Originally Posted by Freebird2010 View Post

I have noticed some unfair reviews and ratings given to missions in the foundry. Not just my missions, but others as well. Unfortunately, people expect everything to be perfect in this beta version of the Foundry, and are very quick to blame the author for every bug in the mission, or their inability to win the battles. The complaint that irritates me the most is when they give a bad rating because it was too hard for them. Donít blame the mission creator for your failures in the game!

I test each mission with all three classes in all three classes of ships to make sure it isnít too easy or too hard, and Iím sure most other creators also test the published versions of their missions. I also have some people in my fleet test them too, and make adjustments accordingly. One such reviewer says omg QQ omg QQ I couldnít turn my ship I was defenseless! Well, thatís an attack, and you need to learn how to survive or counter it. I make my missions to be challenging without the ridiculousness of dealing with the Elite difficulty mode. Yes, you will likely die a time or maybe even two and have to respawn, but you will have no injuries to deal with.

Here are the things that are the most irritating I have seen in reviews:

- Enemies donít patrol they just stand there Ė this is a foundry bug
- Shooting through walls Ė also a foundry bug on every map Iíve used
- Bridge officers donít follow you through interiors Ė also a bug due to improperly defined map walls
- Enemy was shooting the wrong energy type or using the wrong weapon Ė this is something that has to be done in order to make different factions behave as allies etc.
- Minimap was blacked out Ė this is a foundry bug on outdoor maps that seems to happen when you add objects to the map
- Mission was too hard Ė get better gear and abilities and skill them properly

If you are reviewing missions and did not bother to read anything in the foundry bugs thread or have not used the foundry yourself, please do not give bad reviews for things the creator has no control over. If you ďthinkĒ something was a bug in the foundry chances are it is, so give the author the benefit of the doubt and donít penalize them for it. Also, read other peoplesí reviews before you play a mission. If you see others have had no problems with it, then likely if something goes wrong it is something happening unique to you.

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I understand where you're coming from, but the difficulty level is still part of the mission's design. I played an awesome mission the other night, until it came to ground combat that had at least 50 spawning borg drones all in one spot. I died like 10 times, before I had to abandon the mission and give it a low rating.

I agree though that authors shouldn't be held liable for the annoying bugs, so long as they take advantage of any possible workaround.