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12-20-2010, 10:10 PM
Originally Posted by Freebird2010 View Post
So you are saying every mission should be made doable for a LT rank player and therefore be easy for an admiral? Yes, that's what you are saying.

They can take that difficulty slider and stick it.
Eventually, we should be able to slap level requirements on things. Currently we cannot.

But if your mission is designed for admirals, you should put that clearly in the mission description, first thing.

That however, is a bit different than you scaling your missions so that on normal difficulty you expect people, and I'm assuming people of the intended level, to "likely die a time or maybe even two." Normal difficulty isn't difficult. That's why people play on advanced or elite. Essentially, you are bumping up normal to advanced or maybe even elite. Which means people that do not enjoy playing on a higher difficulty are now forced to. And those that do play on higher difficulties are forced to adjust the setting just for your mission.