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12-20-2010, 10:55 PM
Fully agree except for the difficulty thing.

The nature of Advanced and Elite already determines if the mission will be harder for the player. Dumping more mobs makes those settings impossible and I will explain why.

On normal, we can pretty much cake walk through ground combat (except the bugged out mobs). You don't really need to worry about positioning your BOFFs or using the right BOFF Skills/ Weapons against the MOBS. Now enter the tendency to make a mission more "Challenging" by dumping more NPC's into the same spot for an encounter.

In a way this will work to make it more challenging(albiet annoying) when the mission is set to normal on the slider.

But here is the problem. On Advanced and Elite settings. Positioning your Boffs, timing skills, arcs, weapons etc all come into play. You dump too many NPC's and Advance/Elite becomes insta-death because there is no maneuvre room, plus mobs now have higher resists, damage output, shield regen etc.

That 1 normal spawn of NPC actors is like 2 times worth of spawns on advanced, and elite probably close to 5 spawns worth. All in one package.

Now here comes the mission that is populated with 5 NPC spawns in the same location. That would mean on elite setting thats like 15 spawns all in one spot? Sound reasonable?

Yes people will cake walk through your mission, yes people will click click click the dialogue boxes ignoring the countless hours of dialogue you thought out. Forget those people. Make the mission challenging but rewarding for the players that are playing for the story. (Most likely they will already have it set to Advanced or Elite)