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12-21-2010, 12:38 AM
I will agree on difficulty issues IF <<<

the mission does not have more than 2 regular mobs agroable at a time
or a major boss AND more than a weak mob.
or have more than 1 regular mob ambush at zone in

so if you put 2 stong mobs abushing at zone in.....people will give you ratings of 2..and thier right
if you make unkillable boss fights...Boss plus 2 other mobs..........folks will give ya a 1, because
it is them

When you write a mission for other players it is NOT thier responcability to be uber geared.
It is YOUR responcibilty to make it fun and playable by the AVERAGE player.

The challange lvl is in the hands of the PLAYERS not you. They get to choose where to set
the difficulty slider...not you.

If your main concern is making the adventure challanging have already failed.
Make it fun, interesting.....challange is a function of the game already, it doesn't need your help.