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12-21-2010, 02:07 AM
If it's a bug, just shrug it off, really.

If the review says something is too hard, well, that might just be a personal opinion of the player in question, just like he might not like your story. If a lot of people say it's too hard, you might want to reconsider.

I personally tend to use larger-then-usual enemy groups in space. Stuff like 6 frigates or a battleship and a cruiser. Beyond that, I tend to also add NPC allies that help you. Some might see that as too difficult, especially once they go to Advanced or Elite difficulty. But - my goal is to have a challenging and interesting fight at normal difficulty. I disagree with the notion that the difficulty is (only) in the player's hand. If the difficulty system didn't suck as much as it does, I wouldn't care, but playing on Elite is tedious and no fun at all to me, and so I build missions that are fun to me at lower difficulty levels. Just like I make stories that I am interested in. Not everyone has to like these missions, and if they review it accordingly, that's fair.
And there is certainly a possiblity I am going too far in some cases.