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12-21-2010, 01:27 AM
Originally Posted by TyBushman
Escorts are king of damage and way too underestimated! Let me know if you do want to have this escort vs cruiser mumbo jumbo.
Well.. Escorts are the primary burst ship.

That said:

A Cruiser can DPS and be survivable
A Cruiser can Heal and be survivable
A SV can Heal and be survivable
A SV can CC and be survivable

A Escort can DPS and run (or die)

A escort 20k from the nearest enemy does no DPS
A dead escort does no DPS

All I see most escorts do, is capitalize on targets allready engaged by 1 or more DPS cruisers.. Without the SVs to stun their targets and Cruisers to keep their shields low, few, if any, escorts can kill a good cruiser by themselves.