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12-21-2010, 01:31 AM
I try and keep Ground Battles to the following recipe... No more then two groups at one time... and High End enemies should be balanced with a low-level group.

If You Need more Action you can add EQUAL numbers of Groups on each side of equal strength. In Space I can easily Handle 1 Battleship group, 1 cruiser2 and 1 fighter 2. Again, if I need more action I'll add Groups equally to both sides.

It is a simple Matter to Explain Extra Allied ships or Ground forces... I'll use something Like "Transmit Coded Message to Task Force Omega" to bring in the re-enforcements... this makes your Captain appear to be Crafty and Sly... With a Back-up plan... Very Trek Like..

The Exception is the "Free for All" type encounter where everyone is shooting at everyone. This "Last Man Standing" type encounter is not limited to the number of groups because everyone is Hostile to everyone else.

I Have found this to be a good balance... Your Results or Opinions May Differ...