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12-21-2010, 03:03 AM
Originally Posted by Naylor_Walken
In regards to the First officer idea here are some of my wishes..

1. First officer should bring new powers to the game only available to first officers.

2. First officers could be picked from any of the disciplines (Tac/Sci/Eng) no matter what your mains. This would allow further customization of your experience and make each player a little more unique. For example you could be a Tac VA and have a Sci first officer making use of their abilities.

3. Bridge officer should hold the rank 1 below your main, therefore if your a VA your BO should at least be a Captain (Kirk and Spock combo)

4. In space your First officer should have his own station where you can select and then use his powers, the console should offer as many skill slots as that rank allows, therefore is your First office is a Captain he/she should have more slots than a commander.

5, Away missions could be done by your first officer where you get the chance to control them, however the rewards should be slightly less.

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