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12-21-2010, 05:37 AM
Originally Posted by Alendiak
*No BO space based abilities
*No space based captain abilities
*Ships with fixed weapon loadouts
*A new power management system, where higher level equipment requires more power (which can be slightly offset with higher level warp cores, some of which can only be fitted to specific craft).
*Passive ship repair takes far longer, with active ship repair being done using consumable kits (faster but not instantaneous). Kits can be beamed from ship to ship (requiring a dropping of shields) and can even be stolen from an opponents. Each ship can have a maximum of 9.
*Death penalties are active.
terrible Idea.

If something like this EVER happened to STO PvP- i would leave it nice and fast.

there is no fix to the OP argument. People *****, moan, and whine all day about something being OP(no but seriously fireworks ARE, AND I HAVE THEM SO I KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT N00BS). If this game ever went to the way of being like a game of checkers balance(IE: identical ships and abilities) then cryptic would lose almost ALL the PvP enthusiasts faster than you can say why you hated Star Trek Enterprise(but dont you DARE hate on Porthos or Phlox)