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12-21-2010, 04:55 AM
Originally Posted by Alendiak
*No BO space based abilities
*No space based captain abilities
*Ships with fixed weapon loadouts
*A new power management system, where higher level equipment requires more power (which can be slightly offset with higher level warp cores, some of which can only be fitted to specific craft).
*Passive ship repair takes far longer, with active ship repair being done using consumable kits (faster but not instantaneous). Kits can be beamed from ship to ship (requiring a dropping of shields) and can even be stolen from an opponents. Each ship can have a maximum of 9.
*Death penalties are active.

Though the real fix for the devs is to test the new ships in a pvp arena thoroughly before releasing them.

Point and case.

Season 2.0 = 3 Federation Refit Ships / 1 Carrier (Carriers were worthless before the last change) = OP Federation = A lot of previous Klingon players either leaving the game or switching over to the fed because of the feel of lack of development for the Klingon empire.

- Wait a few months -

Klingon refit ships + Klingon NPC Pet Change = OP Klingons (Minus the B'rel which is just plain horrible) = A lot of Federation players making Klingon Captains

Also, Devs.

Klingons do not need more PVE content. To be honest, I was very disappointed with the so called "Klingon Patch" where you introduced a few PVE missions and promptly returned to the federation after finishing the missions. Klingons need more PVP content which can be done by adding incentives for winning PVP matches on both sides but not necessarily against the opposite empire.