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12-21-2010, 06:28 AM
Originally Posted by Quetzaal
This is very true and so it should be. I've fought cruisers 1v1 before and in the end you can leave with more than a million damage on each side and not a single kill from either side.

If people want more of a tanking escort they might want to try the Advanced or Fleet Escort. I fly Advanced and all of my engineer/science boff skills are dedicated to keeping my ship and those around me alive. With something like TSS and EPtS you are essentially getting 30 seconds of fully buffed and protected shields and then you really are quite hard to kill. There really are ways to make your ship so much more survivable. Perhaps try an engineer/science escort build.
Oh, I fly a pretty effective TER

2 EP2S and no hullheals.. My Sci slots are dedicated to tractor and jam, two skills I feel naked without today. (offense is the best defense kinda philosophy)

The idea is that with 1 opponent on me, I can usually grab them with the tractor and come out victorious - With 2 on me, I can jam one, and atleast kill one.. With 3 on me, it doesnt mater - I run, because I die if I dont (I might stick for a few moments, if my target is near death).

Surprisingly, even though I try and avoid the battery/evasive 30k runs, I survive plenty well regardless.. Usually 2-3 deaths per match. (unless I fly with TSI, in which case Im next to invulnerable)