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12-21-2010, 05:42 AM
Originally Posted by Scrot
Just wanting to let the Dev's know that's there's a couple of bugs for a couple of the Klingon Quest.

1) Bringing Down the House will not finish as it will not let me place the Bat'leth Tournament trophy on my ship on 2 toon's ( so I won't bother doing it on a 3rd)

2) Cold Case: Preserved for Posterity in the S'hinga system, step 1 scan gas cloud......done, step 2 scan the moon.....done, step 3 destroy the 3 chunks of asteroid shot them, torpedo them even poked them with a stick and no updates, I've delete the quest line 3 times and started from scratch so its a definite bug, I've even as in zone and the only people that seem to have been able to complete it are feds.
1) Are you sure you are in the mess hall? The trophy has to be placed on the floor area of the mess hall.

2) these are funky when I did them you had to be sure that you were firing at the moon rocks that were exposed. I think the first targetable set of rocks is covered by the second or third one, so cycle through the targets to see which ones are actually getting reduced by the attacks.