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12-21-2010, 05:55 AM
Originally Posted by Rock_Monster View Post

In team play however, few things are as fun as flying along side another escort (or four!) and pew pewing everything in sight. It's all about teammates supporting each other. Watch that escort's back and he'll watch yours.
Absolutely. I think that's part of what I find so fun about flying my BoP in PuGs. Whether invites went out to build up the group or not, when your opponents are tough the "wolf pack" tactics really shine. Without a word you can pretty much count on a few more BoP's or Raptors to be around and ready to unload on your target. The incidental focus fire with higher burst that comes from this is great at dropping that foe who somehow manages to build up their resists so they can continue to dangle at 5% health.

When I've flown Fed, some of the best fun I've had came from a dedicated healer who took pity on me and/or finding another Escort pilot who knows what they are doing.