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12-21-2010, 08:50 AM
Originally Posted by Napoleon_BlownApart
I fly an Intrepid with my SCI Alt. I'm setup for Tachyon Beam and try to actually kill things with my SCI toon. Never really worried about being a "support" ship or healer and never really cared for "tanking" specifically.

I used to have a "variety" of BO setups rigged on my tray so I could switch around my abilities between crowd control or single assault for large capitol ships. This worked ok for PVE but wasn't a lot of help in PVP.

I found out that by not specializing in one thing I could not do very well in anything. So I abandoned the versatile approach and concentrated on using one setup that worked well for me all the time.

I am happier now and worry less about anything... it's all about YOU being Happy with what you have.

As Far as Mentoring Goes... I'm not sure what it is that your looking for, but feel free to ask me in-game.
Of Course My Sci Toon is a Female in an Intrepid - ala Janeway - so I like to be a bad @ss taking out Bad Guys as much as possible, but I'm sure other players have different ambitions.
Yeah, you have been busy with foundry. I didn't want to take your time away from that. Can you see in game messages while in foundry?
As for specializing within a certain play style I had 3 sci captains with specialized builds, so I'm trying to see how versitile and effective i can be otherwise.