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12-21-2010, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by TyBushman
why the borg set? arent the shields crap for cruisers?

Ty I thought so too, except when I was testing out on tribble the aegis seem to help the defiant much more whereas the borg was on par with what I have, the bonus being the +5 bonus to all systems except shields. But I get to use a better engine over the efficient mk IV that give me a speed of 16 with engines at minimum plus efficiency bonus, the borg engines gave me a speed of 20 at about the same settings. So what little I lost in shield cap I made up in defense. Of course that could change once I get it and fully test it versus various other setup in multiple real world PvP matches. My tribble test wasn't against a full 5 v 5 pvp.