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12-21-2010, 12:24 PM
Originally Posted by Nippeltwist
Well there are so many ppl who say the same what you are saying now.
I tell you now my problem.
When i go to my rest room and i want to replay any mission i've finished is there no problem for replay.
But if i want to replay the borg missions....can't chose them.
But they are played!!!
Does anybody know whats wrong?
The 3 STFs must be gotten from Captain D'Vak, and you need to be RA to get them. You can only get them one at a time, as the second unlocks after you do the first, and so on. So once you have done Infected you can then select The Cure, and once you've done that you can then select Khitomer Accords. Those missions aren't Replay. You always get them from him.

Assimilated is an Episode in the Undine Front. I just checked my Replay list and it's clearly listed there as available. If it's not on your Replay list there that probably means you haven't done it yet and need to get the original mission.