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12-21-2010, 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by Klytemnestra
Day 5....the mission map is not assessable. I have rechecked the mission to day after the patch and I cannot access the project.
Hate to say it, but:

Welcome to Beta

Things like this happen in betas. Data gets corrupted, etc. You may want to actually file a GM ticket, or PM one of the Foundry Devs; but, don't be surprised if the answer is:

Sorry, delete the project and start over. Again, that's why it's a beta. As lomng as you see the beta tag attached, you can expect all sorts of stuff like this. And again, they will probably look and fix th issue that caused the data corruption (so it doesn't happen in the future); but they probably won't waste time trying to recover data that's going to be wiped at some point.

And if this type of thing is too frustrating or annoying to take; wait until the tool is out of the beta phase (I'd say, 2 to 6 months down the line.)

Again, not trying to be nasty per se - but there is definitely a reason the Devs have gone out of their way to point out - The Foundry is in an Open Beta test phase (and by all indications will still be for a time once it's transferred to Holodeck - where you'll have to redo what you did on Tribble from scratch anyway (they aren't going to port things over between the servers.)

So, try to just take it in stride - and do what you can to manually back up your work (i use the <prtscr> key, <Ctrl><V> and your favorite paint program to create screen shots of your costume, and vavious map setting and elements - or write them down, etc. oce you've got something you like and want to keep.

In a beta, nothing's safe. Again, if they can they'll fix the issue that caused corruption so it won't happen in the future; but they rarely will try to uncorrupt individual things as the time is better spent fixing the bugs you're exposing in the beta do they can more on to the next phase of beta, or better, decide the tool is stable/robust enough to be the initial fully Live version.