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12-21-2010, 09:06 PM
Well, recommending the pvp forum to your team mates or zone in pvp might be a start. why pvp if you aren't motivated to learn from others more experienced???

Faithborn has gone, and I can understand why. I only PUG, and 9 out of 10 times if I don't invite a team, no one else does. Rarely does any one heal each other, and in Capture and Hold a surprising number of players just fight rather than pursuing the objective.

I am discouraged, not just with STO players, but with the lack of what seems like simple change and improvement to the PVP environment to which so many of you have made thoughtful suggestions.

I was looking forward to Season 3, but have been disappointed besides sector space improvements. Others who have commented on decreased PVP play seem correct to my observation. FvF is more active, but uneven and frustrating. It is hard to encourage and educate others when they won't even team when invited. FvK, I have come to avoid, because PUG in FvK seems mostly impossible.

The one bright spot I have discovered is going to Kerrat, and sitting at the enty/respawn point. I offer no resistance, allow the klinks to destroy me over and over, and off and on comment on how boring this situation is and how they are cowards to spawn camp. At first they are furious, but fairly soon they seem ashamed and leave. If 10% of STO players would do this for an hour every other day, Kerrat would be sane again. They give up fairly quickly and leave, and this was an ongoing effort I think most of them would find something more productive to do. Passive aggression has its uses.

I haven't given up altogether, but because of Faithborn's comments on leaving, I am spending some time trying out League of Legends.

Sorry this post has rambled and addressed other threads not directly related to the OP.