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12-21-2010, 11:55 PM
As gunshots propogate the scene, Mikey and Lucas have way too much fun with the sniper, killing 5 mobsters, 2 of their own men, a rat, 3 ducks, a news anchor, hit Al Pacino but his character role deflects it hitting a bad Tron reference, and 5 people from a crossover Battlestar Galactica universe.

Meanwhile, Jon had his hands quite full...

"Retreat to the ship! Take up defensive positions and give 'em h***!"

Jon capped 2 enemy mobsters, then ran to the boat and took cover.

"We can't let them get this stuff! Raul, go get our secret weapon at pier 3!"

Raul took off running, diving behind crates as he went.

Meanwhile, Paul took charge of the crew in the armored car:

"Keep the machinegun fire going! As soon as they blow up the ship, take a sheilding position so we can get our men out of here!"

Going back to Mikey and Lucas on the roof:

"Seems quiet here, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, almost too quiet... Anyway, our part is done. Let's get out of here."

However, just as Lucas jumped off, sniper shots rang out. Mikey dived, but Lucas took a shot to the leg.

"I'm hit!"

He promptly fainted and was carried back to the compound by Mikey

Meanwhile, Jon finally had his men in position to retreat: All he needed now was confirmation from Raul.

2 minutes later, it came:

"Jon, it's Raul! I'm ready to fire! Get the h*** off that thing!"

Jon rallied his troops for the retreat: "You heard him, go, go ,go!"

They all filed in behind the armored car and made a prompt retreat. Out on the water, something moved.

"Okay, Raul. We're clear. Do it."

On the bay, a Destroyer's cannon rotated.


And the cargo ship went up in flames.

Back at the compound:

"Hey, Paul."

"So Raul. How exactly were you planning to pay for use of that ship, hmm?"


"The Don's not gonna be happy, is he?"

"No, no he is not. I'm dead, aren't I?"