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12-22-2010, 09:12 AM
Honstely don't know if all the changes I made are out to you yet. So you guys will have to play and let me know.. Lots of folks out for Christmas vacation, and I'm working on "Remastering" Stranded in Space.. for a future update .. With this going on I'm a little out of the loop as to the current Holodeck build.

To Recap.. Here is what I changed...

I (hopefully) fixed the failing conditions of the Transport Raid and the Eriksson Mission. The freighters that were successfully looted but then warped out were counting as player kills.. and failing the optional objectives.. These should now only count agaist you if you fail to loot them or destroy them too early.

I changed the frieghters so that they disable at 50% health instead of 35%.. Making them slightly more manageable...

I updated the loot tables on the freighters so that they drop crafting materials from all crafting tiers, as well as a 2% chance to drop Rare Particles, or if you're really unlucky ..stem bolts. I am planning to replace stem bolts with a crate of Tribbles.. once I have a new icon

Anyhow... Happy Holidays.... Let me know how the missions are going....