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12-22-2010, 10:29 AM
Originally Posted by Walshicus
Would this have anything to do with a Klingon version of this mission?
The KDF version is easy...

KDF Frieghter Captain: "Our warp core is abou to breach; we've also been boarded by Federation mercinaries...please assist..."

KDF BoP Captain: "Looks like one of our Civillian frieghters is in trouble...can you get a Transporter lock on the interior?"

KDF Boff: "Yes Captain, shall we prepare a boardiong party?"

KDF BoP Captain: "No, beam any useful cargo you can find into our hold. Then charge Disruptor cannons and our Torpedoes; and prepare to fire. I mean, it's about to blow anayway; and no self respecting KDF frieghter captain would call for help just because of some Federation mercenaries. We'll be assisting the KDF effort on multiple fronts by pruning it of these weak incompetents.

KDF Boff: "Aye, Captain"

30 seconds of disruptor and torpedo fire later....

"You have successfully completed: Stranded in Space (Remastered)