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Well...if I go ahead and delete it...then it will do nothing to solve the problem.

The first step is to identify a problem.

The second step is for someone to confirm that it is a actual problem. A user generated issue is not necessarily a problem.I do not know if it is something I did, is it something the server did, or a combination of the two.

Prior to deleting the project, I require confirmation that it is a problem. I understand and know what beta is for. However, If I blindly go and delete the problem without any communication from STO, then there will be no resolution to the issue. The purpose of this thread is to create a diary to document the problem until the developers respond.
I have already begun work to remake the project into another project in the event that the problem cannot be resolved. However, I must wait for communication and confirmation that it is a problem.

I have sent in a bug report in the game and I have sent in a request for a GM. I have also posted a thread in the forum.

Also, it is day 6 and there was a patch this morning and some maintenance, but I still have the same problem.