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12-22-2010, 01:13 PM
"D-Don Andellioni?"

"Ah, Raul. Please come in. You have nothing to worry about, the boat was re-assigned to the Agean sea"

"So you're not gonna kill me?"

"Quite the contrary; See, on that little incident at the docks, Lucas got his leg shot. He's recovering under guard as we speak, but that leaves us a bit of a gap in the ranks."

The Don took a deep breath.

"Raul. This attack by the Mazzantis cannot go unresolved. We will try to make peace, but if they do this again, it could come to war. Raul, I'm putting you permanantly into my Caporegime. You're a good man, and you've always been loyal to the family. Your time for promotion is much past due."

"Thank you, Don Andellioni."

"Okay, now get outta here and have some dinner to celebrate a job well done, eh?"

After Raul left, the Don turned toward the window and watched. It had begun to rain, very heavily.

"War, indeed. Heh. Been a long time since one of those happened here. Might want to call in some extra capital just in case."

The Don walked over to the phone and dialed up a number.

"Hey, It's Don Andellioni. Listen, we need to talk, Moe."