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I do not think it is a map issue because the mission is playable on the Tribble server in version 4. The project in version 5 did not have any changes to any of the maps. The only changes were typos and removal of some text and I moved some text around.

If it was a map closed or map error message, then the mission would not be playable because it calls the same maps to play the mission. I think it is a problem with the underlying structure. Probably software related. The server has been reset three times I think since last Thursday. If it was a hardware issue, it would have cleared up with the resets.

When I go to load the project, the server sends out a request and it looks like it is communicating, but it cannot call the appropriate maps. I wonder if the project or playable story is a separate copy of the project on the workbench. That would explain why the story one is playable and the workbench one is not playable.

However, as of 3 PM EST the Foundry is off. SO maybe they are going to pull all the projects and reload them again tonight, but I doubt that will fix my problem. My problem was in the workbench area and not the playable mission area.