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12-22-2010, 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
I (hopefully) fixed the failing conditions of the Transport Raid and the Eriksson Mission. The freighters that were successfully looted but then warped out were counting as player kills.. and failing the optional objectives.. These should now only count agaist you if you fail to loot them or destroy them too early.

I changed the frieghters so that they disable at 50% health instead of 35%.. Making them slightly more manageable...

I updated the loot tables on the freighters so that they drop crafting materials from all crafting tiers, as well as a 2% chance to drop Rare Particles, or if you're really unlucky ..stem bolts. I am planning to replace stem bolts with a crate of Tribbles.. once I have a new icon

Anyhow... Happy Holidays.... Let me know how the missions are going....
These should now only count agaist you if you fail to loot them or destroy them too early
Way to miss the point.

The issue is that the Optional objective we are given says 'Loot 4 freighters' and the map contains 8 freighters. But looting just any 4 doesn't cut it, We have to loot 4 of the 6 that are outside the force field bubble, which I have failed again and again and again.
There simply isnt time to fight off escorts for 2 freighters, stop and loot them, and then run way across the map in a tail chase to fight off more escorts and stop and loot two more freighters.

Currently the optional objective is a lie, so either change the wording or make it so that looting four freighters actually fulfills it.

Addition: This isn't the only thing thats bugged in the Klingon Pi Canis missions. In Kern system 'Defeat 4 federation ships, destroy 5 surveillance satellites'), the Fed ships shoot at the satellites they are supposed to defend...