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12-23-2010, 12:34 AM
Originally Posted by spartan844
The Don walked over to the phone and dialed up a number.

"Hey, It's Don Andellioni. Listen, we need to talk, Moe."
*scene turns into "The Little Italy" bar & resturaunt, the Mazzanti family playing pool and talking in the background, Joe, the barkeeper on the phone*
Tonight? with THEM watching? *looks over to them, they aren't noticing him on the phone*
"Yes. Albert Park. 7PM, by the fountain"

*cut to Albert Park. A dark night, the fountain's splashing being the only sound. On a bench, Joe waits patiently, checking his watch. A black Schubert '38 slowly pulls up, it's headlights turned off, the Don and his driver get out and walk to the bench*

"Joe, do you mind if we talk in the car? I don't want to get talking confidential stuff here."
"Thanks, now then..."
*they clamber into the car, and it moves off into the darkness*

Today has been ****. The Mazzati's attempted to raid that ship containing our goods. We need an inside man, to advise us. If we're not careful, this could turn into a full scale Mafia war. And I don't want innocents to get caught up. Such a public attack would damage us if we didn't have a motive.
You want me to spy on my own family?
"As unusual, and somewhat dangerous the request is, I'm sure your bar doesn't want to need repairs"