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12-23-2010, 03:14 AM
Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
The enemies scale up, so they should be challenging regardless of the level of the person playing it. Ok maybe someone in a Miranda will have trouble, but the mission should be able to be completed by a Lt.C and still be challenging to an Admiral.

The difficulty slider is a reality. Some people, like me, think that normal is an absolute joke and never play on it. So I come across your mission and how am I supposed to know to turn the difficulty down?

Another thing is not everyone is that good at the game. While normal is no challenge to me, it may be for other people. So now you've made a mission that was a challenge for you, and other people might have trouble even do it.

I'm not sure why you're surprised about getting bad reviews based on the difficulty if this is your attitude.
I mean, go ahead and do whatever you want, but then don't complain about the consequences.
Well I know for MY mission- i placed a warning in the description to play at normal- advanced if you have a team of less than 3 captains total. The intention behind my missions was to make it challenging and fun to play. However due to foundry bugs, my mission difficulty is tone down somewhat with me placing reinforcements at some of the harder junctions in the game. I do a LOT of what I believe to be thorough play- testing of my own mission where I can sit back and observe the difficulty mode for players specced into a broad category. It goes without saying that some people may not have the kind of respect for a challenge like I do, but I do hope that when my mission does get played- people will be honest with me on it, and tell me where it is too hard. I tested with 3 different toons(2 at vice admiral) geared and specced differently