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12-23-2010, 08:44 AM
Originally Posted by Pryde7
What I'm looking for in a fleet. A good level of activity during my gaming times i.e. UK Evenings and weekends. A helpful and fairly mature community to game with who can point me in the right direction and answer my stupid questions with patience.
Hello Grace.

The fleet I represent, the {UFP}, is a worldwide fleet, but we are very active during GMT evening and weekend hours... the hours I'm generally on myself too (Hampshire here).
You'll find our community is very welcoming and eager to help, and we've had some excellent positive feedback from members joining in the past few weeks. We have a few forums dedicated to providing helpful information and a place to ask questions if you're stuck or in need of advice.

Originally Posted by Pryde7
A fleet who enjoy PVP but aren't too hardcore as thats why i want to play STO. Ultimately I'm looking for a fleet which puts fun first. I am not overly interested in fleets with ranks and internal politics.
The {UFP} due to its organised make-up, is able to provide a wide variety of activities. We have event co-ordinators from many different time zones who set up multiple events for the fleet to enjoy. Beyond that we encourage 5 person teams (not mandatory) who find themselves forming friendships, or even just gaming at similar times or with similar styles/habits. They have access to their own forum area to arrange times for activities and other meet ups (useful in particular for STFs).
Of course there are plenty of on the whim activities, PvP seeming to be a popular one for that.

We do have ranks and structure, but it's all opt-in. You can join and not need to be concerned about rank or position from that point on. We have a brief academy experience, which will allow you to learn a little about our fleet, and also makes sure our members have a basic understanding of the game (or games if you wanted to take part in our other Star Trek divisions).
To maintain membership we ask that everyone signs a monthly roll call (for our admin purposes), but beyond that it's all freedom to choose how and when you play.

Originally Posted by Pryde7
What do you need to know about me? I'm from the UK aged 31. I am very much a casual gamer these days and I will go through times where logging on will be intermittent. I don't guild hop. I generally don't use TS and Vent though I'm quite happy to listen for PVP purposes. Oh I don't RP and in fact it's probably my least favourite thing to do in game so I can't see me joining a RP fleet.
With the roll call system I mentioned before, you don't need to worry about logging in regularly if life is busy at the time, your membership will remain secure.
We're always looking in particular for members who want some permanence. We've been around over 8 years and value our members highly, so if you're looking for a longer-term fleet we definitely fit the bill.
Role-playing isn't so popular for STO, but even if it were again it's not something you have to be involved in. Also we address each other very casually, there's no rule stating we have to address each other by rank etc.

Originally Posted by Pryde7
If I seem overly picky it's because I'm selective and I intend to make the right choice first time round. I am in no hurry to join a fleet so I'm quite willing to be patient for the right one to come along.
I think this is sensible and in knowing this, we have tried to keep much of ourselves open to the public. Many of our forums are accessible, and those that aren't, are at least visible, so you get a view of the inner structure.
Our TeamSpeak server is also welcome to receiving visitors. Admins are regularly on if you need to move into a restricted room, and we've quite frequently accommodated for this.
So if you're interested do stop by our forums, and indeed our TeamSpeak 3 channel (, you're more than welcome to (with or without a mic is fine).

For more information, feel free to contact me or consult our site at

Good luck with your fleet search.

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