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12-23-2010, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by Heneo View Post
Me too, I actually took the time to level a Nausicaan with a Nausicaan crew up to LG after I first saw the screenshots of this ship (and fell in love with it)...took my time leveling so I got the skill points in the right places to leave myself several respecs for when I finally used my LG token to buy it and play around to find a build that worked.

Sigh... Got no use for a second KDF Tac officer now so I guess he's going to meet the big Delete button.

(I bought the Galaxy X for one of my feds btw and swore after that I would never pay cash for a CStore only ship ever again)
Yeah, the Galaxy-X had an almost valid reason for being CStore only, this ship is an entirely different matter.

Originally Posted by mrtoken View Post
Yep not happy here.

Why is it C-Store only, did you not tell us that there would be a way to get everything in game without having to spend $, I have been saving up in game credits etc for this ship, tokens etc but now you want me to pay more money just to get a ship that you should be able to get ingame.

we have always been told that only custom/re-skins would be things that you cant get in game and have to spend $ on.
Three possible answers, they forgot they said that, they lied, or a combination of both.