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12-23-2010, 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
if they had just added a tier 3 version too for free without all the transforming stuff and javelin weapon id be 100% fine with it. thats what they did with the nebula and excelsior, i liked that approach that they started but it seems the delay to make the ship super awesome has come at a very steep price to us.

i cant remember exactly what dstahl said, and usually he does say stuff like 'i think' and i know hes been out of the office and he does not control the money side of things but this is the first thing they have done that actually has me irritated and im very forgiving and understanding of them.

i do like the ship itself and probably will buy it because i think its one of the better ships they have made but just not pleased with the way this has come about but ill probably wait a bit and see how my mood takes me. if your going to do it make sure we know in advance. i myself look a complete idiot telling people it should be available for emblems like all the others and then its not.

i praise them a lot when they do stuff right and they want to be told when they mess up, and honestly i think they messed up on this one. i hope we hear what their thinking was behind this, or better yet that its some mistake on their part. i will forgive them for that if its an oversight, albeit an epic one.
Edit: the Nebula is available for Marks, and both are available at tier 3 for free. Neither of these ships are really gamechangers though and are mostly cosmetic.