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12-23-2010, 12:09 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
you're free to do that, and maybe right to do that.

but i also want the ship, so not buying it will ultimately hurt me too as its something i want to have. ill let other people do the protesting with their wallets.

but i have not bought it yet.
im not trying to convince you not to do what you want with your money, you earned it you spend it as you see fit. only stating that your sending mixed signals by saying you dont like how they are going about this but still willing to dishout the cash.

basically by buying it your telling cryptic your overall okay with how they handled this.

i just know i havent purchased any of the refits and i got myself the refit defiant ingame without spending cash. most of my money is spent on small things like a pet or costume for my characters. i have a quite a bit unlocked for myself. and im okay with purchasing Cstore Items as long as that money is being funneled back into the game. but im not okay with buying a ship that will put me at an advantage in someway over another player. id rather let my skills and build give me an advantage.