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# 48 Really??? Honestly......
12-23-2010, 12:26 PM
You would at least think that they would use common sense on this one. They go ahead and give us 3 ships (one of which I won't even fly since it is a death 2 1/2 ships), and those are available in-game. Here's the thing...I have saved my ship token at LTG for so long...yes, since season 2 came out, just so I could get this version of an escort only to have them charge us in the C-Store....Here's the issue...The ship, while having a disruptor lance, unless you spec into beams completely and disruptors aint worth SQUAT !!!!!!! They want to charge us 2k points (that's more than a good chunk of my remaining balance), just to have the honor of flying a ship that has a transforming mode and tell you the truth...I don't think it's quite right....

****Either bring the price of the CP down, make it available someway in the game, or just chuck the idea. I liked testing it, and I was waiting for it to be entered into the game, but good grief.... It seems the other foot has fallen.

This ship is not game-changing, it is not something that needs to be charged an insane amount of C-Points for, it just seems to me that they want their money's worth in making it at the same price as the galaxy X... Thanks thanks..I'll stick to this ruddy looking Raptor, and in case it's not already apparent, I will NOT make purchase of this stinking ship for 2k points...25 dollars for a ship? I mean really.....I will definitely be making the suggestion that everyone in my fleet think long and hard before they even toy with the idea of getting this ship. Honestly, I know the KDF needed a good escort ship but geez....
So, is there going to be a tactical vessal I can actually fly that will be available at LTG?...something other than that death trap retrofit BOP? If so, will we also be charged 25 dollars for it? I have a right to be miffed..I don't really care if some people don't agree with my sentiment, but if you don't; then...well, so be it..

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