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12-23-2010, 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by darkwilow View Post
Hey Cryptic Greedy Much?

While everyone's jumping on the "It's the klingon Galaxy-X equivalent" bandwagon, I'll pass on yet another money grab which is sad because I leveled a klink just for this ship and I've bought every other c-store release but $25 2 days before Christmas is the straw that breaks this camels back.

BTW wasn't this supposed to be a T4 ship or did they change that when they decided it was a $25 ship.

Very disappointed and disheartened by the Ebenezer move they pulled here.
I levelled a KDF specifically for this ship, too. I also remember them saying that this was supposed to be a lv 41 ship. I guess they did change their mind after they decided that KDF players were so desperate for content that we would happily drop nearly 2 months subscription cost a day before christmas eve for a spiffy ship after they introduced the ugly and frankly dull Orion and Gorn ships.

Really all I wanted was a Talon Battleship. Can we at least get that one added to the game without attempted wallet reaming?

Originally Posted by Igax View Post
Honestly, in the referral program or not doesn't matter, Klingons were promised a more fleshed out faction nearly a year ago now... we have to buy starship variants/skins and now we have to pay to have new ships as well. More than a little disgusted on this one. There is NO option for a tac ship other than the raptor at LG.
And I would honestly feel incredibly guilty trying to trick my friends into playing a game with devs as disingenuous as this one has.