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12-23-2010, 03:47 PM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
As i said, my Klingon is not there yet.

And i assure you, in 2 months or whenever i get there the *testing for free*-phase will be over and done for sure.
i need weekly episodes to level my klingon further... probably 2 or 3 more series until i am that level.

conclusion: no test drive for me.
No test drive for any player that buys the game in 6 Months and beyond.
But another 2000 CP Ship on the C-Store.


We asked to flesh out the poorly outfitted Klingon faction ship tiers by adding allready existing Orion, Gorn and Nausicaan Ships to every Tier of the Game.
We did not ask for new ships, but for the ones that were allready existing.
Of course nobody is complaining if Cryptic says "hey we want to make new ones for you"... but that realy wasn't what we have asked for.

We got 3 Endgame Ships now (newly made ones and that took a damn long time to create and add very little incentive to play Klingon side below Endgame Levels.

The whole idea was to get the lower tiers more intresting by adding Ships that are allready in the game and don't need to be created first.
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