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12-23-2010, 03:47 PM
"if it's one thing DS9 taught us, it's that Star Trek fans will consume and support anything within the franchise no matter how bad it is" (may not be word for word) - Quote from the G4 review of STO just recently.

Seems Cryptic is fully aware of the fact you will not only jump through hoops, but you will throw money out the window while you do it. Amazing how after over 100 posts and close to 5,000 views, the Deanna uniform thread has yet to get a single reply from Cryptic, however they were quick to let you consider waiting around to buy this while they "try" to get it as part of the referal plan.

How nice of them to let you get new STO content if you get them more suc... subscribers.

PT Barnum were he alive today would no doubt be trying to secure this license.