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12-23-2010, 04:41 PM
A while ago, it was stated that the level banding in Fleet Actions (ie Starbase 24; Gorn Minefield, etc.) was a TEMPORARY fix for the fact that higher level players could join lower level Fleet action instances, and walk off with the top reward (for being the top DPSer).

Since this 'temporary' fix went in, Fleets Actions in general have become ghost instances (and for me, during open and closed beta, when you could routinely get a full instance); I thought they were some of THE BEST 'group content in the game because you didn't need to be in a formal group; yet everyone would communicate to finish the FA; and a good time ensued and some friendships made.

My question:
Are you guys ever going to revisit the Fleet Action 'temporary fix'; and reestore the ability for players to just eneter a Fleet action (regardless of level) and be able to run them, contribute; and in general, make this group content something the playerbase at large might want to do more often?