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12-23-2010, 04:45 PM
1. Are there any plans to allow missions to be created in the foundry for the exploration sectors?

Edit: I heard you answer this in your most recent interview. You said it is your hope that the foundry will be used for exploration sector missions. So I will change my question. Will we be able to create diplomacy missions in the foundry that will yield diplomacy XP?

2. The current state of the game for me is pretty awesome. I feel a ton of well needed changes have already been made and Klingons are starting to show some of thier potential. I am one who wishes for a revamp of ground combat. But for me the exploration sectors are where I feel the weakest parts of the game are currently. Here is a list of where I feel the focus should be in order of importance for me personally. I understand the greater community might feel differently. So I ask if you could shed some more light on upcoming changes in these areas.

1. Exploration sectors.

2. Klingons.

3. Ground combat.

Edit: also want to know about future crafting equipment. Any plans to add oddball items that are just for fun? FOr example the fireworks emote could have been a craftable item.

Thanks. Hope you had a great holiday and feel much better.