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12-23-2010, 04:46 PM
First, I'd like to say I hope dstahl gets over being sick and gets to enjoy his holidays!
  • Will the second mini-game (that was pulled prior to the launch of Season 2) make it's way into the game soon? Last we heard, it was pulled because it needed some tweaking.
  • Any hints on the 3rd Weekly Series? (sector(s) they'll take place in, enemy, etc.)
  • Will the 400-day Veteran Reward, the Captain's Yacht, be a controlable ship, or a pet, like the shuttles and runabout reward? Also, will there be a Klingon version, or will it only be for Feds?
  • Will we be seeing Poker (and, hopefully, 3D-Chess) during Season 3, or will they more likely be introduced in Season 4+?
  • Can you tell us more about the crew mechanic coming in Season 4? I'm most interested in if we will be allowed to name a full Senior Staff (Chief Engineer, CMO, Helm, Chief Tactical, etc).
  • Will the 'Intrepid Variant' bridges ever be looked at and redone?
  • What other loot sets, if any, are being planned? (I really hope there's a personal shield/body armor/kit one in the making.)

And now for the most important question:
  • When will we get our Porthos pets?!