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12-23-2010, 05:12 PM
Thanx for answering questions from us. I have a few questions if you can answer which would be great.

1) There was talk about open pvp from stahl, I was hoping that you could possibly illaberate on where you would like to take this idea in game wise.

2) Currently there are a borg kit, and a aegis kit that alter the look of your ships and also give you increased stats. Are there plans on making more kits like this in the near future and also.. to go with this question, do you have plans to bring in more pieces (engines,shields) ect that will alter the look of your ship???

3) Klingons have come a little ways since launch. Which I would like to thank the devs for bringing more to the faction. Is there plans to bring more pve options to the empire? So that the grind through the empire isnt soooo *STRECH..YAWNNN*? Also is there plans to bring in more ships.. possibly a futuristic neghvar or something along those lines.. (big huge battleship)